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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overview

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates and carries out the foreign policy of the Government of Sri Lanka. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs consists of the Ministry headquarters in Colombo and the missions abroad.

The Ministry was formally established in 1948 following the independence of Ceylon as the Ministry of External Affairs and Defence, coming under the direct control of the Prime Minister of Ceylon. In 1977, the government divided the ministry in two, forming the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  A.C.S Hameed was appointed as the first Minister of Foreign  Affairs on 4 February 1978. A chronology of Foreign Ministers from independence is available at:-

Our Mission

“The promotion, projection and protection of Sri Lanka’s national interests internationally, in accordance with the foreign policy of the Government and to advise the Government on international developments which affect Sri Lanka”.


Sri Lanka has the distinction of being one of the few modern States which has remained a distinct sovereign entity for over 2000 years. It can also justifiably claim to have distinguished itself in the realm of international affairs for much of that time.

Organizational Chart

The Organization Chart of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates the assignment of responsibilities including the respective Divisions of the Ministry.