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February 12, 2019 was the second day of Sri Lankan Cultural Week, which is held between February 11 and 15 at the premises of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN). The event is organized by the Sri Lankan student union of RUDN, with the guidance and support of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Moscow and the Sri Lankan community.

On that day there was a presentation by Mr. Ranjana Senasinghe, postgraduate student of the RUDN Hotel Business and Tourism Institute, on the subject, “Tourist potential of Sri Lanka: Prospects for development.” The presentation was based on the information provided by the Embassy in coordination with Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.

In his speech, Mr. Ranjana Senasinghe elaborated on the diversity of the tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, explained the existing visa procedures, and spoke about the infrastructural facilities, developed for foreign tourists.

Around fifty students of the Hotel Business and Tourism Institute of RUDN, who will eventually become active players in the Russian tourism industry, working for the government agencies, or in the private sector in the future, attended the presentation.

Mr. Vasily Gerneshiy, Director of the Hotel Business and Tourism Institute, and other members of the academic staff, officials of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Moscow, and Sri Lankan students of the People’s Friendship University of Russia also took part in this event.

Closing the gathering, Ms. Chathurika Perera, Second secretary (commercial) of the Embassy of Sri Lanka, commended the administration of the Hotel business and tourism institute, Sri Lankan student union of the RUDN, and all, who made their valuable contribution to making this presentation a success.



Embassy of Sri Lanka
Russian Federation
13 February 2019

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