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Legal Division

Head of Division:
Ms. S.K. Gunasekara
Director General

The basic function of the Legal Division is to provide legal advice to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other line ministries, Sri Lankan Missions abroad and Foreign Missions in Sri Lanka. It also furnishes information of a legal nature to foreign governments, the United Nations other International Organizations and Agencies, and handles bilateral negotiations, prepares agreements for signature and takes steps to ratify agreements.

The key activities of the Division include:

  1. Providing legal advice;
  2. Negotiating bilateral and multilateral treaties; serving judicial documents; furnishing information;
  3. Maintaining  Sri Lanka’s Treaty Index that contains all bilateral, regional and multilateral agreements/MoUs signed by Sri Lanka
  4. Preparation of instrument of full powers authorizing accredited representatives of the Government of Sri Lanka to sign Agreements /MoUs with foreign governments and International Organizations.