Internal Audit Division

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Internal Audit Division

Head of Division:
Mr. R.R.K.Nugapitiya
Chief Internal Auditor

The objective of the Internal Audit and Investigation Division is to provide the Ministry with a systematic and disciplined audit approach in order to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of internal control and corporate governance.

Key activities of the Division include:

  1. The evaluation of the reliability and effectiveness of financial and internal control systems of the Ministry and recommendations for  implementation;
  2. The review of the level of compliance with existing policies, laws, regulations and directives;
  3. Ascertaining whether the activities of the Ministry are carried out in a prudent, efficient and effective manner;
  4. Ascertaining whether all assets and interests of the Ministry are safeguarded against losses and fraud;
  5. Providing guidance and recommendations on matters related to internal control system;
  6. Conducting internal audit inspections of Sri Lankan Missions abroad; and
  7. Conducting investigations whenever necessary.