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Consular Affairs Division

Head of Division:
Mr. S. S. Ganegama Arachchi
Senior Director General

The Consular Affairs Division is the portal through which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides consular assistance to the general public. Consular services to the public are provided under the terms of the Consular Functions Act No. 4 of 1981.

The Division is comprised of five sections:

Compensation Section: assists Sri Lankan migrant workers abroad and their Next of Kin to obtain compensation, unpaid salaries, Social Insurance Benefits etc;

Death Section: assists in repatriation of human remains of nationals to Sri Lanka;

Authentication Section: attests certificates and documents;

Miscellaneous Section: secures the release of Fishing Vessels and Crews, and supports registration of births and marriages abroad; and the

Repatriation Section: intervenes to repatriate Sri Lankan nationals stranded overseas and to resolve related issues.